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The process of immigrating to Canada can be long and intimidating. It is made even more difficult when a newcomer must fight against government opposition to stay in the country. At The Law Office of Steve W. Rosenbaum, these fights are our passion. We choose to focus our immigration work on those who most need our services to remain in Canada.

Our immigration litigation lawyer in Toronto helps people who face imminent removal from Canada and those whose deportation is possible after lengthy hearings. Clients turn to us for representation at the Federal Court of Canada, appeals to the Immigration Appeal Division, refugee hearings and in deportation stay proceedings. We represent permanent residents who face removal because of criminality or other infraction.

We Are Always Honest With Our Clients. We Do Our Best To Resolve Their Issues With Immigration. At All Times, We Are Up-front About Where They Stand Legally.

We have been doing this work for more than two decades. This means we know immigration law and we know how emotionally difficult the legal process is on entire families. While sensitive to the personal nature of the proceedings, we remain focused on the legal process and securing our clients’ rights to normalize status.

Refugee claimants and permanent residents have several legal options to delay or prevent their removal from Canada. Often, our clients are in danger of persecution in their home countries and may be entitled to protection. As an experienced lawyer, Steve W. Rosenbaum has the skill to handle the complexities that arise for permanent residents when their deportation risk arises from a criminal charge.

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