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The Law Office of Steve W. Rosenbaum is an established firm in Toronto’s Riverdale neighborhood. Our work focuses on specific areas of importance to corporate and individual clients. We help families to buy homes, companies to acquire property and businesses and maintain operations and immigrants to stay in the country.

Personal service is a distinguishing feature of our firm. The one-on-one attention our lawyer provides to clients is welcome, in particular when complexities arise and clients need quick and reliable assistance. Steve Rosenbaum has been a Toronto lawyer for real estate transactions and business law since 1984. He has been practicing immigration law for approximately 20 years.

We Are Trusted By Former Clients And Fellow Lawyers Because Of Our Knowledge, Experience And Commitment To Personal Service.

Our work for businesses is focused on transactional work, while our immigration services provide representation to those who face deportation or removal from Canada. We employ unique legal strategy for each client circumstance. A summary of our practice areas is as follows:

Each one of these areas is distinct. Each one of our clients has unique legal needs. Personal service means our lawyer consults with all clients on an individual basis, and provides them with information, advice and services that are right for them. To learn more, please get in touch with us.

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